About US

We love this area of France particularly. The area firstly has the micro climate which does mean that it is the second most sunny area of France. It is has the benefits of both beautiful countryside and a variety of different coastal locations. 

It is all about location and we are situated bang in the middle of where we want to be and we can get to such a range of different places easily. From the business hub of Bordeaux to the vineyards of St Emilion. From the bustling town of La Rochelle to the fishing village of La Tramblade and the local markets around the area are great. 

It is not only the houses that have a warm feel in the area, the locals are very welcoming and will make an effort to understand you no matter how good your French is.

We just love to eat outside on the terrace and watch the world go by, well maybe not the world, but the wildlife. If you are lucky you will see the deer, you may see the White Storks. The Hoopoe are around frequently, the Black Red Starts, our resident barn Owl and the Sparrow Hawk. You will see soaring the Black Kites and Buzzards and the Kestrel hovering for his food. Oh and you may see the Golden Oriole.


We have enjoyed this area of France for many years, spending many relaxing family holidays in the south west of France.


Once the house was fully renovated we decided to rent the house as a holiday gite.


We both have a history of employment in  a customer service environment and Russ has been involved in both big and small businesses and we have bought this understanding to our holiday rental in France.

We now spend more time here now and still love the Charente Maritime area and have good friends in Coucoury and beyond.